SIMCom A7670C 芯讯通cat.1小尺寸4G模组
  •  SIMCom A7670C 芯讯通cat.1小尺寸4G模组

案例名称 SIMCom A7670C 芯讯通cat.1小尺寸4G模组


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    • 商品名称: SIMCom A7670C 芯讯通cat.1小尺寸4G模组
    • 商品编号: 1126189241189683200

    The A7670 series is the LTE Cat 1 module which supportswireless communication modes of LTE-TDD/LTE-FDD/GSM/GPRS/EDGE. It supports maximum 10Mbps downlinkrate and 5Mbps uplink rate.

    The A7670 series adopts LGA form factor and iscompatible with SIM7000/SIM7070 series(NB/Cat Mmodules), and SIM800A/SIM800F(2G modules), whichenables smooth migration from 2G/NB/Cat M products toLTE Cat 1 products, and greatly facilitates morecompatible product design for the customer needs.

    The A7670 series supports multiple built-in networkprotocols, supports drivers for main operation systems(USB driver for Windows, Linux and Android etc.) andsoftware function, AT commands are compatible withSIM7500/SIM7600 series modules. Meanwhile the A7670series integrates main industrial standard interfaces, withpowerful expansibility, including abundant interfaces suchas UART, USB, I2C, GPIO, which is suitable for main IOTapplications such as telematics, surveillance devices, POS,industrial routers, and remote diagnostics etc.